MCC Group is a black owned managed by dynamic and experienced team, inspired and driven individuals with a passion to change their lives and those of their fellowmen.

MCC has reputable track record as a reliable, professional and efficient  provider its core services; Waste Solutions, Security and Construction offering an uncompromising service to it’s clients. Through our persistence on quality and the willingness to change our situation as black business, MCC is already making a mark in the waste industry.

Our objective is to be able to offer the best skills and talents to our  clients and to foster loyalty and complete satisfaction with the quality products and services that we provide.

We strive to create and sustain a long term relationship with our clients as we believe that better services wins client base. Our focus is to improve our services to national and international level and compete equally in the security industry.

We strive to service the increasing security and access control needs. We provide a stable security infrastructure and a wealth of experience which are an important criteria to provide an  integrated security solution.

With more expertise, infrastructure and experienced staff, MCC waste solutions service provider of choice for an integrated waste management solution.

MCC seeks new business opportunities and alliances so we can provide a desirable service to our customers and deliver in terms of our vision and mission.

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We believe that the key to the development of skill in South Africa lies in the dissemination of knowledge and empowerment of ourselves.

We are committed to deliver high level of service


  • To work with our members to create a vibrant and sustainable business entity of choice.
  • To empower ourselves so as to improve our standard of living by maximizing our potential.
  • Understand customers’ need and provide blend of exceptional services and resources to ensure their satisfaction.
  • To establish a strong reputable waste solutions company.
  • To build strong and sound relationships within the company.
  • To build the confidence of our personnel and armed them with good protection skills.
  • To build a sustainable business entity that can be trusted by all its clients.
  • To attain higher level of financial sustainability that will ensure that all of us are thriving within the South African Economy.

We offer the following Services

  •  Refuse Removal
  •  Refuse bins supply/hire
  •  Landfill establishment/maintenance
  •  Waste Recycling
  •  Prevention of illegal waste dumping


Our quality refuse bin products are of good standard

MCC Waste Solutions is committed to supplying  a superior quality refuse bins at competitive  prices  in the industry.

Employment Strategy

To employ men and women from previously disadvantaged groups including the physically disabled.

Our HR department manages over 500 MCC employees including their payroll.

We involve the Community Leaders to source local employees in line with EPWP and Labor Intensive Methods and we are registered with the Department of Labor.


Development Strategy

Training with LG SETA accredited training providers


Enterprise Development

Intense Marketing Strategy that includes:

Use of Presentation to potential clients

Use of multi-media marketing tools: posters, fliers, website etc to increase our markets.

Retention of old clients by providing quality and reliable service

PSIRA                  :  Reg. No. 1184111

VAT Reg No.       :   4490 1605 14

UIF No.                 :  U170768057

Income Tax No.  :   9176010644

PAYE  Reg. No.   :   7170768057

COID No                :   2616-916-1970

MCC employs workers based in the community we service

We work closely with social facilitation teams during the recruitment process which includes

  1. Ward Counselors
  2. Regional Executive Directors (RED)
  3. MCC ‘s HR Department
  • Source the refuse bins direct from our factory the Client specifications
  • Recruitment and Managing of the staff.
  • Warehousing and security of stock to be delivered
  • Provide logistics for the delivery of products
  • Provide logistics for retrieval and delivery of used bins
  • Compilation of Weekly/Monthly reports.
  • Payments of Stipends for EPWP man-power
  •  Attendance of weekly/monthly meetings.
  •  And any other duties that may be deem fit by the client



In terms of promoting sustainable development in South Africa, one of our principal priorities relates to the promotion of broad-based black economic empowerment.

During the year we have made significant strides in our commitment to promoting effective empowerment as a core part of our business strategy. MCC is a level 2 BEE rated.

A particular focus of our efforts has been on encouraging enterprise development, where we have great potential to make a positive impact by employing and improving the skills of our lower grade security personnel.

We stay committed to increase the level of our competency as a company, as individuals and as role players in the Security Industry

The table below presents an overview of the progress we have made in addressing the pillars of the Codes, as well as an indication of our areas for improvement.



We are dedicated to our customers and their projects. In addition, we are committed to community service, as a company and as individuals.

We are confident that MCC will meet the demands and needs of our clients in delivering the most efficient and quality service to our clients.